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A Piece Of History

the Gladstn London Exchange

A simple idea we had. Create an exchange that allows you to buy, sell or have re-conditioned historic pieces of luggage that might be sitting at the back of the wardrobe, in the attic or you would just like to own a piece of history. Our exchange allows you to buy, sell or have us tidy up a piece of luggage that may be very special to you and others.

To the hands that held it, the places it visited
and the stories it could tell

We believe every undiscovered or unloved piece of luggage deserves a second chance to shine and tell its story. Just as we use uncompromising craftsmanship in our bags & luggage today, so did others going back in time. So what better than to recycle the past to protect the future and celebrate historic craftsmanship? You can create new opportunities for our current generation of craftsmen & women and their apprentices to breathe new life into historic pieces for you to buy and sell with others who share your passion.


If our idea encourages you to do more with your vintage luggage or you are looking to buy or sell an historic piece, please get in touch so we can help breathe new life into beautiful old luggage.

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