Make your mark on the world using a new idea

A Piece Of History

A Piece Of History

the Gladstn London Exchange

Have you ever been on a global treasure hunt to buy, sell or have re-conditioned beautiful old pieces of luggage?  But like us you couldn’t find one specialist place that could do all of this for you with buyers and sellers who share your passion.

To the hands that held it, the places it
visited and the stories it could tell

We believe every undiscovered or un-loved design deserves a second chance to shine and tell it’s story. What better way to have re-conditioned or to exchange pieces of history with each other and to re-cycle the past for the future. That’s why we wanted to create our own for you to use.

Using the past to protect the future

With our idea we also wanted to give a nod to the Gladstone Act of 1880 to critically reconnect trade to social and educational opportunities for others. Our new idea is simple but with a strong social purpose. For every piece of luggage that is bought, sold or re-conditioned has attached to it a donated social or educational opportunity that we match with charities for others to benefit from. Using the past to protect the future.

Gladstn London Exchange

If our idea encourages you to do more with your vintage luggage or you are looking for the next desirable piece for you or someone else please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.