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Iconic Luxury Luggage for your everyday journeys

Our Journey

Our exciting journey as a British independent luxury brand began in 2015. Designing and making iconic luxury luggage that we view with personality, heart and soul; new best friends that are always there for the everyday journeys you take in life. We love your Gladstn London luggage to be admired and for you to be asked “where did you get that beautiful bag?” At the heart of our brand is you and our artisans. The two of you seldom meet. Our journey joins you together through combining a passion for luggage with a desire to preserve craftsmanship. Where one of you studies and aspires to create something beautiful whilst the other works hard to earn and purchase it.

Our Voice

What inspires us is your everyday journeys. We believe in being luxurious in different ways across generations. Creating British iconic designs that combine refined elegance with uncompromising craftsmanship designed for those journeys and not to be kept under lock and key. We view our collections with personality, heart and soul; more than just luggage; they are companions, new best friends, always there for the everyday journeys you take in life and the stories you create.

Our Personality

We believe in telling your story and allowing you to express your own style. Being bold and curious. Part of a diverse globally connected community who like to discover, enjoy life and feel confident in changing environments with similar values living in different cultures. Seeking refined elegance with a dash of fun and flair whilst aspiring to want to do things differently, using the past where we can to protect the future.

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