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Crafted for your journeys

Our Story

Hello. I’m Richard, Chief Bag Carrier

Two decades of global travel means I’ve had to carry my life in many different bags! Yet, I was never quite satisfied with the bags I had. Spending far too much time in airport lounges, I started to search for bags that would complement my style choices. I wanted to find something beautiful, admired for its understated elegance and colour, whilst being functional and stylish, not just for business trips or holidays but to be shared for all journeys. 

I decided to swap the boardrooms for my kitchen table, immersing myself in the creative process to develop a collection of bags perfect for the everyday journeys we take. My pursuit of style and quality came from my late mother, who I named our first limited edition bag after. Angela Stanley was a determined and stylish lady who I was so lucky to have as a positive role model in my life. She remains a continual inspiration for me as I grow the Gladstn London brand. 

This inspiration and the pursuit of perfect bags led me to follow my dream. Being hands-on, creatively, and commercially is something I love. And it’s a privilege to work with craftsmen and women whose mission is to preserve the past and protect the future. It’s so rewarding personally when I see our bags being shared on their journeys, complementing our customer’s style choices and becoming their friends, just as my bags are to me. Being asked, “where did you get that beautiful bag?” will for me always be a real compliment in life.

History of Gladstn London – what’s in a name

Our brand and the pursuit of perfect bags also takes inspiration from the iconic Gladstone Bag and London’s rich heritage of leather craftsmanship. Have bag will travel, the Gladstone Bag permitted people for the first time to carry their belongings in a bag for work or leisure. Instantly everyday journeys became possible, encouraging people to become more curious and create new communities. It was the catalyst for a boom in ‘London Made’ leather craftsmanship. 

Gladstn London is a modern interpretation of this history that we are proud to reflect in our brand. It’s also a reflection of our spirit of exploration, independence, and diversity, as well as a love for the dynamic, cosmopolitan, and well-visited city we call home.

Our Principles

Your everyday journeys

Every bag we create starts by understanding the journeys it’ll go on and all the things it will hold as you travel. Just like a trusted friend, it will consistently be by your side.  

Uncompromising craftsmanship

When you carry a Gladstn London bag, don’t be surprised if you turn heads. The high degree of artisan craftsmanship that touches every one of our bags makes them look and feel like a one-off. An enduring quality assured by the Gladstn London Hallmark, applied to every bag.

An eye for edited elegance

Elegance is a state of mind. It’s how it makes you feel. As unique as your sense of style, our bags fall into your wardrobe and slip into your life.

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